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Q: What are your minimums ?

As a general guide, our minimum order quantities are:

Embroideries/higher end fabrics – 3 metres

Lace, satin, jersey, organza, etc – 10 metres

Nets and tulles – 1 Roll 50/100 metres

Fabrics and Sketches

Further Help 

If your query is not covered below, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Q: How quickly will I receive my order?
Please refer to our delivery section for order processing and delivery times.

Q: Can you guarantee the delivery dates you give?
While we do guarantee to meet the delivery date +/- 10 days, we will not agree to late penalty fees if circumstances we have no control over result in a delay.

Any number of situations beyond our control can occur, leading to a delivery date delay: adverse weather conditions, goods being held by customs, problems at the mill with knitting/dyeing/quality control, etc.  We always endeavour to deliver for the date we have quoted, however we do not agree to be penalised in the event of any of the above mentioned situations arising. Please read our T&Cs on our WebShop for more information.

Q: Do you offer free sampling?
Regretfully, we are unable to supply meterage free of charge.  All sampling must be paid for.

Q: Do you provide test reports?
Alan Litman Ltd supplies fabric to the global market and into many forms of garment making, so we are therefore unable to provide test reports for our fabrics. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to test our fabrics to establish the suitability of a product for their own specific use and market regulations. We do have a library of manufacturers guidelines which contain recommended/suggested ‘wash care’ instructions, fabric weight, width etc, but again customers are advised to test fabrics prior to cutting for suitability in this area.  Alan Litman Ltd cannot be held responsible for any problems which may arise as a result of non-testing at the sample stage. Please contact us if you would like a fabric specification.

Q: What about stretch products and relaxations?
This information applies to any stretch products, both mechanical or yarn based:

Due to the relaxation nature of these fabrics, a 10% allowance MUST be made for shrinkage/relaxation before cutting. No claims will be accepted that are within these parameters, likewise; no claims will be accepted on goods which have been cut.  It is the responsibility of the customer to sample, test and understand every fabric and it’s characteristics before ordering or cutting any bulk. Please contact Alan Litman if you have any concerns regarding the suitability of a product before ordering, as returns may not always be possible.

If you have any questions regarding our products please – do not hesitate to contact us, we are only too happy to try and help you now with your specific questions to avoid any complications further down the line.

Q: Do you provide Formaldehyde free products?
Yes! We offer – from stock – a good selection of Formaldehyde free fabrics.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound found in some fabrics. Litmans are proud to be able to supply a selection of Formaldehyde free products (our Pure Collection). These formaldehyde free fabrics are suitable for new REACH standard requirements.

Q: Do you have any technical information about lace?
Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand. The holes can be formed via removal of threads or cloth from a previously woven fabric, but more often open spaces are created as part of the lace fabric. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric.

As well as traditional lace styles we stock more modern styles of lace in a huge range of colours and compositions, including cotton blend, nylon and polyester. Whether you choose one of our classic lace styles or a more modern twist, we are sure to have a lace to match your fabric requirements.

Q: What do I do if I can’t find what I’m looking for?
Please contact us! While we try to provide customers with a vast selection from our collection of over 500 patterns, it could be that we don’t have exactly what you need.  The moment you contact us with your query, our Sourcing Team spring into action and start searching our fabric archives, supplier catalogues and development ranges to find exactly what you need. To learn more about our Sourcing Department, please get in touch.

Q: How can I learn more about Litmans?

Please visit the About page.

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