We're delighted to introduce you to design 9334 - our brand new transparent tulle. Available in Black, White, Ivory, Silk White and Tan, this affordable alternative to Silk tulle is versatile, soft, sheer and gives the same desired effect for a fraction of the price. 9334 is 145/150cms wide with a composition of 100% Polyester. Take a look at our photos to see this product in action.

Our model's hand has a layer of tulle over it. Can you see it?

This time, with 2 layers......can you see it now?

This time, it's 3 layers of tulle. The precence of the tulle is more obvious here, but you can still see the fantastic, sheet effect!

If you'd like to see more images and colourways of this product, or order a swatch or feeler, please click here.