We were delighted to receive these photos recently from Italian Bridal Couture Designer Ela Siromascenko. At first, we thought she'd sent the pictures to us so that we could see our bridal embroideries in action. Our best-selling bridal designs 8883 and 9337 feature on the bodices of the dresses. We have to admit that at first, even we didn't see our transparent tulle 9334 in the bodice of both dresses too! Take a look at these beautiful bridal gowns and see for yourself.

Bridal Dress 1
© Ela Siromascenko

Dress 2
© Ela Siromascenko

For both of these dresses, Ela has used the Ivory transparent tulle. We also have Tan available, which is skin coloured and would produce an even more invisible effect (depending on skin tone).

Since we launched this product, it has become very popular with both our swatches and stocks flying off the shelves.

What makes this product different?
Our 9334 transparent tulle gives you all of the effect and quality of silk tulle, without the high price tag. This unique product is created by using an incredibly fine yarn that is split down once again to make a tulle so fine that you can barely see it. Perfect for bridal and evening couture, dance and sports costumes and much more.

Seeing is believing - request your sample today!