Be Flexible

It's easy to get caught up hunting for the perfect fabric. However, maybe the perfect fabric for your design is something different to what you first envisaged.
You may have the vision of the perfect fabric in your mind and nothing else will do but that exact fabric. The fact is though, sometimes what you have in mind might not actually be out there and while anything is possible, creating a new fabric from scratch might mean an initial order of 10,000 metres or more.

Your design might actually work just as well (or better!) with a fabric that is slightly different from your original spec. Be prepared to consider other samples and ideas in order to access fabrics that are more readily available. Don’t lose valuable hours looking for a fabric that may not exist or has been out of production for a long time.
If suppliers can't fulfill your brief exactly, they will be able to offer you something very close to what you're searching for. Ask yourself if you really have to have that exact fabric? You may be surprised when your garment turns out better than you ever expected.
Come and see us!
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