Time Management

We briefly touched on this in issue #3, but it's important to discuss this more thoroughly. Time management is critical when it comes to sourcing fabric and delays can affect your entire delivery schedule. When stores are waiting for delivery of garments, timing is everything.
Sourcing fabrics can be a time consuming process - but it doesn't have to be! Some suppliers like Litmans have got it down to a fine art and have a fast turnaround record, but it all hangs on customers working closely with suppliers so that the process runs smoothly.

All steps need factoring in to your time line, so make allowances for the various stages:

Initial inquiry → Samples → Lab dips/colour work → Production → Delivery

If you ask for a fabric not already in a supplier’s collection, be prepared for it to take a few days to be found and factor this into your delivery schedule accordingly.
If you're unsure, it's always best to add time to your schedule as a contingency measure. It's always better to come through on time or early rather than risk it and hope for the best.
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