Let's talk costs....

We've already briefly touched upon this in issue #1, but let's look at it more in depth here. One of the most time consuming mistakes you can make is not telling the supplier your desired price point.
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Once the supplier has your specification, they can immediately get started on sourcing the fabric, or checking through the options they already have available. When they come back to you after checking current ranges and looking at new developments and fabric archives and the response is “The price is too high", it’s very frustrating for the supplier.

Days will have been wasted that could have been spent finding you the perfect fabric at the perfect price. So, be up front and tell the supplier exactly what price you’re working towards and together you can work on achieving it.
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Having a price point will enable your supplier to assist you in a more timely manner and they can immediately begin the search for your fabric. You can usually expect to receive some options within a few days.
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