7 mistakes to avoid when sourcing fabric - Pt. 1

Be Specific.

The worst thing you can ask a potential supplier is something vague such as: “Have you got black laces in stock?” Litmans, for example, currently have over 170 black laces in their range, so the question doesn’t give suppliers like Litmans anywhere near enough information to help you.
Black laces

Try to be as specific as possible and think about exactly what you’re looking for. Does the lace need to be stretch? Do you want a floral design or something geometric? Will the lace need to have scalloped edges? What width should it be? Try and list everything ahead of time, or even better – provide an image or a cutting.
Here’s a guide of what information will be really useful to your supplier:
Having all of this information will enable your supplier to assist you in a more timely manner and they can immediately begin searching their collection, fabric archives and mill catalogues to locate exactly what you're looking for.

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