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New Premises

By: The Litmans Team - December 12 - News
In December 2014, Litmans moved their HQ and warehouse to a brand new location. As you can imagine, the logistics involved in moving over 2 millions metres of fabric was particularly challenging, and that's before you get started on moving all of our office staff and various departments. 

Litmans have been located on Radford Road for over 40 years, but eventually we had to face facts - the current set up and space was no longer working for the business which has continued to grow and evolve. We needed more room, more modern facilities and we found them. December 19th 2014 found is located in our new home. Here's the address:

Alan Litman Ltd
Unit 7 Orchard Park Industrial Estate
Town Street
NG10 5BP

Please remove the Radford Road address from your records. 

During this time, our order process will be disrupted for a few days as we get all of our departments back up and running at our new headquarters. Please bear with us and know that we are doing all we can to minimize the disruption. 

All of our telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

We'll be taking some photographs of our new base of operations once we're settled in and we can't wait to share these with you! The new home for Litmans is modern, bigger, and better than ever.

Stay tuned!