Sustainable Creativity is now a reality at Litmans

Using our fabric off-cuts and working with a carefully selected partner, we have turned our fabric waste into a work of art! Instead of off-cuts and end of roll fabrics ending up in the bin, they now find new life in the form of one of our designer notebooks.

Designer Notebooks 

These A5 hardback books are filled with high quality ivory paper which is suitable for making notes, sketching designs, clipping in swatches and much more.

Of course, we still regularly donate fabric bits to schools and local community projects (the fabrics work just as well in a Noah’s ark collage!), but it’s very satisfying to see our fabrics end up as the perfect tool for professionals working in fashion.

Litmans constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and our new zero waste policy is a positive step in this direction.

These lovely books are often given as gifts at trade shows and we’ll have a good supply at Premiere Vision in February. To learn how to get your hands on one, click here.